Hi! I am a mother of 2. I need assistance to have our house renovated. Our floor and roof have been damaged. We can even see the sky when we look up inside our house because the roof has a lot of holes; big and small holes. So naturally when it rains, rainwater goes inside and damages the floor too; the wooden part and the cemented part. It’s worse when there’s a typhoon or a storm. I could show you pictures if you need proof. I’ve always hoped that there will be a sort of house renovation prize that we could win here in the Philippines. No, we don’t want a new house and lot… we just need our house to be livable that we could stay inside and rest comfortably. Also, my family and I would like to set-up a small yet income-generating business. Our family would like to set up a small internet café. Internet cafes are very lucrative in our area. People of all ages go and stay in internet cafes a lot. We could just start with a few sets until it'll boom and expand. We already have a space for this so we only need the computer sets. I hope you guys can help in our business. Your help will create a better future for my children. Thank you, thank you so much in advance.