My name is Che. I am a mother of 2. I am in a deep pit… I need assistance, first, to have our house repaired. Our floor and roof have been damaged. We can even see the sky when we look up inside our house because the roof has a lot of holes; big and small holes. So naturally when it rains, rainwater goes inside and damages the floor too; the wooden part and the cemented part. It’s worse when there’s a typhoon or a storm. I could show you pictures if you need proof. I’ve always hoped that there will be a sort of house renovation prize that we could win. No, we don’t want a new house and lot… we just need our house to be livable that we could stay inside and rest comfortably. If a construction company could help us with this for free, it’d certainly be a blessing. Second, I’m always hanging by a thread and sometimes, I’d feel that I’m almost at the end of my rope because of the financial struggles that I face every single day. I am married but my husband has been suffering from depression and paranoia for years now. Though he has not been clinically diagnosed, his symptoms suggest so. I’ve always been hopeful that he’d get a job so that we wouldn’t be in this financial mess anymore but he just can’t get a job! So basically I take care of everything… from food, bills, tuition… everything. Even when I gave birth to my two babies, I had to pay for my maternity related expenses including hospital bills. Aside from that, I am also helping out my parents and my siblings with their own expenses. Sure, I have a job but my pay wouldn’t be enough every time… A lot of times, I’d go crazy because I wouldn’t know where to get the money even for food. So I started loaning and loaning… Lately I loan to pay off another loan… and now the loans are “haunting” me. They’re now piling up. I am not able to pay off for everything anymore on their due dates because there are just too many of them on the same due dates. I am now given legal demand letters from banks and lending institutions. I could send you copies of these demand letters for proof as well. I was thinking of loaning a very big amount to pay off for everything… like a credit consolidation loan… but who would let me loan… yet again? My credit reputation is already bad. If someone or some people could help me pay off maybe some of my bills to the vendor directly or tuition to my daughter’s school or my loans directly to the bank or lending institutions, that would truly be appreciated too. So with these, sometimes I’d feel pathetic. I feel sorry for my children… But I know I have to remain strong for them. I don’t even show sadness to my children. I want them to enjoy their childhood. I’ve been told not to beg but by the looks of this, yes, I may be begging. Please, please spare something for me. Or if you could trust me, you could lend me a big amount to pay off for everything and I’d pay you back in 10 years or so? At least that way, I’d only have one payment so that I could I have enough money for our other expenses. Or maybe you could offer me an online job for additional income? Please, please help me. You could check me out for you to know that I’m legit and a real person. I have a facebook and paypal account if you need verification. Or please tell me what I should do to receive your assistance or if you have options for me? I really need your help. Your help would change our lives and my kids’ future. Thank you, thank you so much in advance.