Hot Meals for Destitute

Many of our neighbors are experiencing homelessness or living in poverty. Many suffer from mental and physical disabilities, unemployment, addictions, or other issues that result in homelessness or being at a disadvantage to be independent or succeed in our society. Providing for a human's basic need for food allows them to be able to focus on all their other needs, such as taking care of their health, finding a job, housing, and gaining independence. Our long term hope for every individual is for them to gain the help they need to become self-sustaining. For some, it may take a couple days or a couple of weeks, while it may take others much longer. My name is Andrew. I live in the city of Voronezh (Russia). I have a small shop (garage). I work as a welder and mechanic. I want to help homeless people that they had a hot meal. My goal is to build a kitchen trailer and pass the charity. I need for the project $ 1,200 for materials (metal and accessories) and the registration of the trailer. No one should go hungry. I would be grateful for any of your help. My PayPal