hospital bills

LEUKEMIA , Czech rep

Johanka is 14 years old girl from Czech Republic fighting with acute myeloid leukemia. She is in hospital one and half month so far and is treated with chemotherapy and interon. Doctors said, she has a big chance to be happy girl again , but the cure costs a lot of money. Johanka has now big problems, her heart works just for 40 percent, her kidneys and liver are very ravaged, but she is strong and fighting as she can, she wants to live. Johanka loves to sing in church, you can see her video from the times she was still healthy. Please, help to Johanka to live, to smile and to sing again. Every one dollar can help to give life our Johanka. Im friend of the family, her parents always helped people around them as they could, i very wish to help them now. For everybody who will help this family i can do some nice video, if you want to. Watch the samples on my youtube here and if you will like something, i will edit it for you. God bless you, Marci facebook page, but in czech language is here