Homeless and with a stray cat

Homeless , Philippin

Hi. How are you? I'm new here, so pardon any mistakes that I might have made with the submission form. I read on Wikipedia that funny stories in these cyber begging sites get more responses than sad ones. So even though I'm not good at making people laugh and I'm also currently feeling depressed, I will try my best to tell a funny story because I need your help. Once upon a time, there lives me. I'm a working student from the Philippines. I have rather huge bones, that people think I'm fat even when I'm already starving. I'm the silent type. Too silent, that our neighbors think that only my mother and my sister lived in our apartment. My sister is a stick-thin person. She's an adult, but she likes to cry when she has ran out of options. My mother has hair that is like messed up wires. You know that she has no more money when she has dark rings around her eyes (she gets that color even when she's had enough sleep). Our cat is the only well-fed member of the family, because we prioritize him over ourselves. He is as orange as an Imperial Mandarin. He likes to be outdoors when we want him home. He likes to be at home when we want him to be outdoors. Our landlady has very small eyes. She looks so fat, but don't tell her I said that. She is evicting us. And that brings me here. They say that you should try out all options before resorting to begging. Below are the "all options." 1. We had a heart-to-heart talk with our landlady. "Oh, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, let us stay another month and we'll pay the rent," we said with the best puppy eyes that we can muster. She let us stay for a month. 2. We looked for higher-paying jobs. My sister and I can't go to an office and leave our mother behind because our mother needs our care. Mother is as panicky as a chicken and as noisy as a panicking chicken once her quiet is disturbed. She gets in trouble for that. She's also unable to work. And she's a single parent. So my sister and I worked online. Being the beginners that we were, we earned very little. 3. We asked for the help of my grandfather, who is a World War 2 Veteran. My grandfather is also stick-thin, but he's our Superman. He does anything to help us, even when he's literally on the other side of Earth (he's working abroad). He sent the little money that he had to us. A technical glitch with the delivery company brought the money to all sorts of addresses except ours. They apologetically made us wait in one of the addresses, but further technical glitches made us wait there for two days. Our online jobs were delayed, including our salaries. 4. We asked for the help of our other sister, who's living with her husband's family. She's not just stick-thin, she's also pale. Her 10-month-old son got sick. Her son is a bundle of smiles. I never thought that the family member with the least teeth will smile the most. I don't want to lose those smiles. We ended up helping her instead. 5. The month that our landlady had given us was over. She evicted us. We went to the mountains, where our relatives live. We didn't bring our cat with us because we were not sure if our relatives liked animals. We still had to figure them out. We stayed with them. Our relatives had problems that were very similar to ours. Our only difference was that they weren't renting. Their grandfather did nothing but complain about everything. My cousin there did nothing but say "sorry" for everything. I did nothing but say "It's okay" all the time. 6. I just can't keep smiling and saying "It's okay" while silently suffering from the old man's swearing. My family can't stand all of it anymore. So we went homeless. It rained. It rained. And it rained even more. Nowhere to sleep. Not even the sidewalks. We walked in the floods. (You can check the news about the floods in the Philippines on September 19 so you know that I'm telling the truth). Today, we went back to our landlady. We begged her to let us stay for a while, because we just can't live in flooded streets. More puppy eyes. By her mercy, she let us stay for two days. Even though we told her that our salary will be available sometime soon and we can finally pay the rent, she settled the deal with two days. I am now sitting beside my cat, who is very happy to be with us again. My sister just got a higher-paying job, but it will be days before she can get her salary. When our landlady makes her final eviction on Monday, we will be homeless and our cat will be a stray again. Our netbook will go low-batt, we'll lose our money on charging it, my sister will be unable to attend her job and she will get fired (oh! such a sharp word. oh, please, don't let that happen). I will also lose my job. I will have to stop my schooling. And my sister will cry. Only you can be the hero (or heroine?) in this story. The only thing that you can do to help is donate. To be continued. I hope that I managed to make you laugh. I am very sorry for bothering you. I need $100 for an apartment, please. $100 is enough in the currency of my country. I'll stop begging once I've collected that amount. Even a one-dollar donation can help. Thank you in advance. "It's okay." Have a nice day! *Note: To the people who I mentioned here, please forgive my descriptions of you. I read that such descriptions are required to be funny. I'm doing this for the good of all of us.