Homeless and desperate

My husband and I moved to Southern Oregon from Washington a few months ago hoping to make a good life for ourselves, but we discovered that it's extremely hard to find a place to live here. We ended up spending our small savings on car payments/insurance, temporary housing, storage unit costs, phone bills, and food, and now we're pretty broke. My husband wants to attend graduate school here next Fall and he has a pretty good job right now, so we don't want to just give up and leave, but financially things are rough. Right now we don't have enough money to pay at least 2 of our bills, our car needs maintenance, and we can't afford gas either. Living in our car is really starting to take its toll. Thankfully, we were able to get food through a local food bank, but that doesn't take care of the bills, and we won't get paid again until the 11th. We don't qualify for loans or credit cards, and we've had very little luck finding side gigs. If anyone is willing to help us out, we'd really appreciate it. We need at least 200 dollars to pay our bills, take our car in for maintenance, and pay for enough gas until May 11th, but more than 200 could also help us pay for other things we need right now, like clothes, shoes, showers, etc. If anyone can help, our PayPal account is paypal.me/saadandjess. Thank you!