Alone, South Afr

Homeless Alone and scared, losing my power to live and barely holding on to hope. Here at this juncture of my life I am wiser and full of life experiences that I truly am grateful for. I have loved and I have given so much to another but my path has reached this point where I cannot find the strength to stand up straight with pride anymore. The world is in a mess and hatred is growing everywhere where trust is but a distant memory. Fear is growing more and more each day and the method of making money is becoming cold and a selfish act to fill the bellies of those that has more than enough for a hundred life times. Humanity is shrivelling away into a machine that holds no compassion or understanding. A beggar is what I am now, begging for someone to help and begging to God not to forget me. Even a healthy person needs some help and surely by helping a helpless man so that man can become a man again and help the next man or woman in his lifetime. I am not young anymore and the difficulties grow each day to find my confidence back, but now with your hand towards me I can build a new chain of human kindness and maybe, just maybe the world will start changing again. I don’t need people to look after me, all I need is a chance to stand up again with pride and fill this life with all the beauty that is still left in each one of us no matter how dark it becomes. I still hold on to that hope that we all can strengthen each other and even the weak can give a love in such a strength which the strong keep losing bit by bit. Anny donation can help me now and I will remember each one of you