Hit Rock Bottom

Shazzy, Lincolnsh

Hello, Ive never done this before but here goes. Ive worked all my life,looked after 3 children on my own aswell as working.I have worked from doing cleaning,run burger vans,a cafe to being a team leader for 9yrs in a dementia care home.Then my friend had to have a lung removed due to cancer,she pulled through that but 2mths later had a stroke.Which left her paralysed,so i moved into look after her as she has no family that lived locally and her only son was in prison.I carried on working but that became to much so i became her carer full time. I also gave my own home up a couldnt afford to run a house i wasnt living in,plus i was getting reported to local authorities for not being there. I did this for a year,to which then her son was released fr