Hit by a car

Cannonfod, Uk

I have never done this b4, well I suppose I have never needed to. But at the beginning of this year I was knocked down by a car, the injuries I sustained were very severe. I have a wife who cares for me as I am unable to do certain things for myself and 4 children in which my youngest is just 2 years old. I have applied for PIP but have been told there is a 16 week waiting list just for the medical assessment and because I have to wait to see if I get this, my wife cannot claim carers allowance. We do not have a lot of money coming in at the moment as I was the one who worked and because I was off work b4 the accident for tests, my statuary sick pay has run out. We are struggling on a weekly basis and do not know how long we r gonna be able to pay the bills for. I know I sound like I am moaning about my life but I am not, I am luckier than some as I have a fantastic wife, 4 great kids and a roof over our heads. Please if you can help by donating anything, we would really appreciate it. Thankyou for taking time out and reading this.