Hi, please.. Read my story and help a little bit at least

Ričardas, Lithuania

Hello, my name is Ričardas and I am from Lithuania. This is strange for me to write here and ask for help.. but okey, I will try. So I am a student and it is my first year, but I have a really big problem.. I had an operation which is called varicocele, and it was unsuccessful.. First two weeks was like, okey operation is gone now, finally I can live happy without any illness or something, but I was wrong, after 2 months it happend again, and second operation is coming for me, I am realy scared, what if it will be unsuccessful too? After operation I have stopped studying, I took my academical vaciotons, and started to work, finally I had enough money to buy my first car,then in several months I started to work in coffee shop. At first it was fun, I thought I can sell my car take a loan and buy better car, and I did that. After one month my car was robbed, my wallet was there with all my credit cards, passport and money..Next day my boss boyfriend tricked me with that car he wanted to take it back, because it was robbed, without window and any documents of that car, cops said I have no proof that it was my car… so now, there is no document or something like that, boss boyfriend took all of my money, my car.. and my boss had throw away me from work, so now I have no money, no job, no car. It doesn’t look very bad, but now I have loan for nothing, I can’t tell it to my parents, because I am very scared, what I have done.. It’s left only 10 days to pay my loan, and I just can not, because all my money are stolen, please help.. I am begging you, smallest donation would mean a lot to me, any amount from 1-100 would be amazing. Thank you for your time. P.s. sorry for my english Paypal - r.ciupailis@gmail.com