Hi, guys..I hate doing this but I need you more than you can imagine!

Money for, Bucharest

Hello, everyone. I am orphan, I live in Romania. I know who my parents are but they don't want to hear from me since I was 5 years old and they abandoned me in this orphanage. I finished high school, and  the law here says that when orphans reach 18 years old and finish school although some don't, thet need to move out of the orphanage and live on their own. I worked as I could tos upport myself through school but now, I can't provide neough for me to pay a rent and some food. I don't care for a lot of food, buts ome food is good to keep me alive. I need to move out on the 1st of June and I really don't know how to pay for a rent because all owners ask for 3 months in advance...I have no job and I refuse to go to sell my body for it. I would rather ask you for some mercy than go sleep with random men which is what usually happens with Romanian orphan girls. A minimum rent here is 100 usd...they ask me for 3 months of rent which is 300 usd. I know it is a longs hot to ask some strangers for this kind of huge help, but I really don't have any other option. I can tell you that in return fo ryour money and help I will make sure I send u not only pictures with my new home but also try my best to return you the money as soon as i get a job...step by step each month. Guys, this means the world to me and I thank you for even the simple fact of reading this text...GOD BLESS YOU ALL because you all have good hearts even if you act on them or not. My paypal is irinamtracy@yahoo.com. Thank you again!!!