Helping a Friend.

Joseph, Toronto,

Hello, I will be sincerely honest with my plea and hope you can help. I lent money to a close friend (although I was not in a great position to do so) to help him get a new job and his life on track. He left town without saying a word (knowing full well I had little money) and left me in the hole, so I was forced to take a payday loan at the time. I did not think I would have such a difficult time paying it off, and consequently the interest has racked up the initial loan of $450 to over $1000.00. It is not a huge amount, and I understand there are others out there who may need help more than I do. However, I have reached the end of the road and would even appreciate if I could borrow the money from you and pay it back in 2 months time. I am a young, intelligent individual and I truly believe that my generosity towards such a disgusting human can quite possibly be counterbalanced by a philanthropist or otherwise understanding fellow human. I appreciate your concern for reading this far and I would be forever grateful to tell of this experience to my children (God willing I have them!) Thanks again, Joseph