help with seeing my long lost family

Havn't s, Los angel

Good Afternoon, I am a 25 year-old college student, i will be finishing my degree in 6 months. I pay for my own tuition, rent and other living expenses on one part-time job (by a wing and a prayer), (which have been difficult for the past two years), I guess i feel it is worth the temporary struggle to obtain my education. I am also very involved in healthy social activities, I volunteer at my church and spend time with at risk youth, this has enriched my life and kept me positive depite my extreme hardships. This year is an exciting year for me, my other half of my family who i have not seen in 6 years has reached out to me and would like to see me this thanksgiving in Texas! I was so excited, but unfortunately i do not have the funds, to get a ticket especially with prices being so high for the holidays, my biggest wish ever would be to see them. Any lcontribution whether small or big would be a great help so that i can see them, even if it is just one way fare, ANYTHING would be a great help, because i simply do not have it. your kindness and understanding is greatlly appreciated, God bless you. -hardworking college student