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Young and, Aurora, C

Hello,  Me and my boyfriend are both 21 years old. We just recently moved out to colorado together to pursue our lives. We arrived with a set amount of money and had a specific plan to buy a car and get into a house. We have been waiting on our tax refunds to come in but they have been late for about 2 weeks now and the IRS has informed us that we will not see anything for at least 60 days. I highly doubt the money is coming. We have been forced to spend what little money we have in a motel 6 with our whole life in suite cases. We have been here for almost a month now and we have no more money to give to them. We have been living day to day for the past week and struggling to eat. We are very scared and see no other outcome but to be forced out on the streets. We have looked for jobs but it could be weeks before either one of us can get paid. We have pawned most of the belongings we arrived with and have been left with only our clothes. We have searched and searched for someone with an available room but it's hard for a couple, a gay couple at that, to find an opportunity, much less a safe opportunity. We had a life and we are both living examples of how your life can be turned upside down in no time at all. We have no family to help out and we are in a new area that we are not familiar with at all. We don't know what to do and are beginning to think that our future, no matter how much of a drastic change and shock, lies in the streets starving for food. We only need enough to get us into a safe and steady home. Safety deposit and first months rent along with bills. One month and we can both be back on our feet. We just need some help. We are both very kind people and have helped others as much as we can. Now we hope that we can receive the same kindness from others in our time of need. Please help us if you can gand we will accept anything you can give, we can use every penny offered.  Thank you very much for your time, interest, and donations. Any advice is just as welcome.