Help with paying off my property taxes

Death and, Washingto

Hi everyone. I live in WA state and like most people I know I'm falling behind. I am a mother of 2 struggling to get just enough together to pay my overdue property taxes before I get kicked out of my house. Got the dreaded yellow "pay up or get out" notice a few days ago and I'm so worried and anxious right now. I don't need a lot - only about $250.00 - the rest I have. Constant emergencies (ie frig broke, car broke down, ect) keep forcing me to dip into what I'm able to get saved up. To those who might be able to help I would be so grateful. If I happen to get more than that I will pay it forward. I have Paypal and a Wepay account. to donate. Thanks for reading and much love to all.