Help with my ticket and costs

Nick, Mancheste

Hello, I'm a 45 year old man with who has been trying to get the money together to go to the Philippines to be with the girl I love, we have been together for over 2 years and we constantly talk, we met through a school friend of mine and we want to settle down together we are getting closer to our target date of middle of January for me to get the rest of the money to travel which I need £1600 for the ticket because every time I get near the amount well the bills come along and I end up with no money and the UK is not for me anymore I need a new start as its stressing me out so much and I am trying so hard to get it sorted, my partner she's a teacher and were planning to setup a business there if possible as I in I.T. and I need just that little kick to get the ball rolling, I work hard and I seem to get no where fast I just need some help to make this happen, I will be more than grateful, I have a website I am currently rebuilding which I have had no help with via the business I tried to run so I need to start a fresh and maybe try something new ... If you are kind enough to donate to me I would be so grateful and will respect your kindness and support as I would do same for someone in my situation. Thank you ... regards Nick