Help with money

Hendrik, Thabazimb

Hello, I'm unemployed and considering to do some binary option trading on the internet. Unfortunately I need a deposit amount and money to purchase the program to help me succeed. My credit card that I need to use for these transactions is in debt and blocked and I cannot use it. All I ask is Help so that I can pay of my debt in my credit card and get enough money to buy the program and have enough for a minimum deposit at a binary trading broker. Binary trading is fast and high risk, but if you succeed you can make enough to support a family easily. The program is a automated system with little input from the user. If you find it appealing, be careful as there are many scammer sites that will take all your money. My credit card debt is around $3000 USD and the program costs $79 USD and the minimum deposit amount is $250 USD I've not had any donations thus far and would appreciate any amount between $50 - $3329 USD. I am really at a loss, because of having so much debt, and have no way to pay, is frustrating. I hope this site does help me to find kind people that will donate any amount they wish and help me become an independent person with a good income stream, and maybe come back some day and donate to someone that I feel could help with a few dollars. Thank you for reading my cry for help and may you leave with a smile because you helped a needing person to have a future in this unforgiving world. may you not find yourself in the situation that has no outcome like many of us. Please pay all funds into my PayPal account: ( ) It will be much appreciated by me.