Help with Meds & bills

Mike, Clarkston

I'm a brain surgery survivor.. But due to the injuries (stroke & epilepsy) I sustained from the two procedures.. I've been out of work for 2 yrs. I try to due what i can to make money that's not physical to get by. Please if you can spare anything It'll be greatly appreciated. What i plan to due with the money is put it toward a money making home business such as blogging and online store. I love to write and i love interacting with people. My meds cost me about 200 dollars a month. I've been turned down 3 times already for disability and lawyers say its apart of the process.. But doctors have told me due to my injuries.. There is no way i shouldn't receive assistance. So you can only imagine my frustration. I just want a chance to be like everyone else.. I want to opportunity to work.. But i have to work twice as hard now because of my disability. God Bless.