help with dental

Okgirl, Tx

I am a grandmother of 5 children and they are the love of my life. I made a choice 11 years ago, to move in with one of my daughters to help out with the children. And I am still helping out. But the amount of income I get, I can't afford dental insurance or anything else, not even a car. But last week my oldest grandson asked me why I don't smile anymore or go out to events with them . I almost cried. Because I am having so much pain eating and having two broken teeth already, and now a front tooth that is about to break, I don't want them to know how bad things are for me. My last grandchild start to pre-school in the Fall and I want to get back in the workforce, but I need to get my teeth fixed or at least get the front one done. I just want the pain to go away, it make me feel sick all the time. Any help will be greatly appreiated.