help with debt :(

Help with, Fife

Hi there I am a 25 year old whos gonna be a mummy and I didn't think I could have children anyway a few years ago I took out a loan to get a car etc and now im behind on payments real bad :( its gone upto just under £20.000 I work flexible hours and the hours at work have been awful hence why im behind on payments im not meant to be stressing but all I am doing is stressing about money and how im gonna pay it off. I would love to be able to pay it off before my bundle of joy comes in feb but I just cant see it happening I would love to start buying things for my baby but the prices just now I just cant buy them because I cant even afford to pay my bills :( I am really struggling ive tried everything I really do need a miracle I just cant see it happening to me :( im down upset stressed which isn't good for me or my baby but I just cant see a way out of this hole :( so please if you think you can help me please do I hate asking anyone for help but right now I could really be doing with it.