Help us

Hello my name is Jeremi. I'm a 26 year old that has just jumped into a family. My girlfriend is the same age as me but she has a 9 year old daughter. We  moved in together this past April. I am a computer technician that has recently been laid off due to it being the summer months. I work for a vendor of the New York dept of Education. So my full time work schedule has now been downgraded to Per Diem. Working about 5 hours a week. Earlier this year I was unemployed do to my job  at a local debt relief company closing down. During that period of time I was on unemployment and had everything planned out to smoothly transition into a new job. I used the unemployment to take a nurses assistant course. The problem came when they pushed the date of my Nursing assistant certification test back into august. I finished the class in June. I now can not receive any unemployment as that ended in June as well. I need $1050 dollars by August 1st and currently have no income. Not only do I need the rent but I also do not have money to help out around the house. I am in a rut right now and cant seem to find any answers. I have tried craigslist to look for quick cash jobs just until my certification test, which is in the first week of august. Once I take my test then I can start working the next day and I will be fine. Its just surviving til then, that is the issue. If you can find it in your hearts to help me and my family out that would be highly appreciated. I feel horrible not being able to feed my cats, or having to ask my girlfriend for bus money to go to job interviews in efforts to work up enough cash by the end of the month. I do not know where else to turn as I have no family members that can help at the moment. I pray that this desperate attempt brings me good fortune.