Hi everyone, We are literally at a loose end and I decided in sheer desperation to swallow my pride and ask for help. We are a young family with 4 children, one of which is severely disabled. Our little girl is blind with severe autism, learning disability, sensory processing disorder, epilepsy, panhypopitutrism to name a few things. Our home is very unsuitabe for her and we have been desperately trying to move for her sake and that of her siblings. We hardly ever sleep due to our child's needs and due to funding cuts are unlikely to receive the overnight respite we desperately need. Our other children are suffering as a result and need extra support due to sleep depravation. We also have a very unwell baby. This is tough enough, however we always felt we should put into the system as much as possible and therefore have always been a wrking family. However, due to my ill health (I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety disorder and self harm disorder due to a traumatic childhood), I have found it increasingly harder to be the carer my child needs and I'm ashamed to say that sleep deprivation, shame that I wasn't coping and sheer desperation drove me to a suicide attempt just before christmas last year. As a result my husband was forced to resign from his job in order to care for us. I am deeply ashamed about this and want to try to help my family in order to make it right somehow. We are in what you call a catch 22 situation. We have been on the waiting list for housing for 8 years but as our child's needs are so specific the housing are unable to offer anything suitable. We tried and tried to save for a private rental property but one that we need for her either doesnt exist or costs way more than we could ever afford. If anyone could help us at all we would really appreciate it. I don't know what to ask for really. We ran up a lot of debt as we tried various private medical treatments for our child, and also complimentary therapies which we paid for by credit card. We will not be debt free for 2 years and a mortgage is out of the question. However the thought of living this hell for 2 more years kills me a little inside each day and having to look my children in the eye when they are exhausted and ask why they cant sleep reminds me how much i am failing them. We do not have a deposit. We could build the perfect property for around £140000 but I know we will never get that. I don't know what to do. If anyone could find a way to donate even towards a piece of land so that we have a light at the end of this dark tunnel we would be so so greatful. Thankyou for reading and whatever you decide, have a lovely day.