Help to pay bills !

A Mum's , United Ki

I am a Mother of five and a Grand Mother to two beautiful children. I asked for help on another begging site but I was scammed as the gentleman proceeded to empty the remaining funds in my Bank Account. I am currently unemployed and trying so hard to live a normal everyday life of being able to clear bills and debts, heat my home and buy food each week. I am constantly applying for work with no luck as I have been a stay at home Mum (through a divorce and no choice) bringing up my Children on my own, Employers can not see me as a reliable, hardworking candidate. They just see someone who they consider Lazy and not bothered to work over the years. But I had a choice, leave my Children in Care for some one else to look after, or fight to look after them all and care for them with all the love as a Mum should and that is what I chose. We have endured eleven years of stuggling and I am now at a point where I can not even provide a hot meal every day or keep up with my Rent bills. I still believe that there is an angel out there that can help us. Everyone needs a little hope in an ongoing storm.