Help to live

My mom, Latvia

Hello! My mom would kill me right now if she would see this beg. I am 21 and me and my mom live together. Dad left us when I was 10 so from then there are only 2 of us. My mom is teacher in kindergarten and I am just a student who works in shop as assistant. Thats the best we got right now, because here in Latvia is hard to find well paid job. But our salary.. well.. its not enough to pay our bills. We are moving to smaller apartament so we can pay the bills. But we got old bills on our backs. Right now we have really hard times. Bills+ have to pay for the school and plus.. now most horrible.. My mom is sick. She has to make liver surgery. But it costs so much. Right now we cant afford that. Maybe some day. But I am tired of mom's everydays speech that I have to stay strong after she dies.. It makes my heart burn. I wish I could pay all those bills wich are on our backs like heavy rocks. So we could put money together and after few months or years could make this surgery what my mom needs. I will understand if You wont help. But I had to try. Thanks for reading this. And have a nice day. :)