Help struggling family

Helpmommy, Texas

I am 28 yrs old Married with 2 children , I am in debt together with my husband in the amount of $17,000.00. We accumualted debt because of school debt, some medical debt , but mostly , car repair, acts of god, situations. My husband and my combined income barely makes 30k a year. I have went to school but cannot find a job, in my field of study, i work parttime, for barely above minumum wage. he works full time for about 15$ a hour. Right now we are paying our debt off and are up to date on our payments but, we are trying to go back to school and grants only cover so much . I cannot do school and work as my children dont have a daycare I can afford. We have cut down on alot of uneeded things so that we can make these payments on time and not have to open another card just to make rent car payment.We have 2 cars one 2001 sport trac, we bought used payed it off but now it doesnt work after we already put almost 6k into fixing it. The other is a chevy traverse but now its acting up 2009 got it used as well but its not payed off. I am also trying to get our own home, we rent right now from my mother in law. I am applying to jobs left and right and have not found any in my area that will fit my husbands schedule and help us make ends meet. Really down on our luck here I am asking for , $19,000.00 this money will be used to pay off all of our debt and to fix the sport trac so I can use the vehicle to find a better job. with the monthly payments gone I will be able to afford daycare to , have my children safe so I can go to work full time. that is my goal right now. if i can find a better job we may have enough credit to , get a fha loan or at least be able to save money and get our own home. Please if anyone can help in anyway i would appreciate it. I dont have cancer I am not dying but i will say i cannot even afford medical insurance for my husband and I, I made sure my children have insurance but that is costly we really need help.