Help Norbert Undergo Hip Replacement Surgery

My Name is Norbert Sandow. I am 21 years of age. I am a Ghanaian and i live in Ghana,West Africa.i need help in funds of about 3000 us dollars to help me undergo hip surgery. Born in 1993 to a peasant farmer.I Started school at age 3. While my father was poor he did all he could to make ensure i had an education. While in Senior high school in 2010, i fell from the first floor of a three storey dormitory building. i was rushed to the hospital but after a few days i was discharged and the doctor said i did not have any severe injury. Almost two years down the line in 2012 i started experiencing severe pain in the left hip joint.upon several complaints to my parents, i was taken to an orthopedic surgion who the examined me an indicated i had severe Hip injury and there was the need for hip replacement surgery which would cost 6,000 ghana cedis(about 3000 us dollars) in 2012. When several efforts by my parents to raise this money failed they gave up on me having the surgery.From then on i have been forced to live a life of pain because my hip hurts a lot with any movement i make. I am in the university right now and i am forced to go through studies with all these pain. And as the doctor advised in about two or three years,the only option will be for them to amputate that leg and perhaps i would have to live with one leg for the rest of my life. As at now i am in serious pain and i just cannot immagine what will happen in a few months time.For me to be able to live and continue my education,unless the surgery is done on me. I am therefore pleading with you all,anyone who reads this to support me in whatever way you can. No matter how big or small it is, it wil help make a difference. Please help me with money to undergo the surgery so that i will be relieved from pain and will be able to continue my education. I will forever be grateful to you for helping save my life. I thank you in advance for your help and God richly bless You. Any money can please be sent through western union or moneygram in my name(Norbert Sandow) and the information sent to me. In case you have an alternative way of sending me your help, you can please contact me personally on Waiting to hear from you.God Bless you for your Kindness.