help needed to avoid eviction and clear debt

Michael f, West lond

To whom ever it may concern, hello my name is Michael Ferguson I am 23 years old and i look to you in this moment of need. I was previously working in the retail sector in London, England in a department store known as Selfridges. Unfortunately after leaving university in 2012 i have left my self in some debt and also have over run my overdraft of -£2000. I just moved into my step dads house last august with my brother and even though we pay the rent every month since i moved in, there were errors in his rent before i moved there. now they are giving him an eviction notice to move out which will change all our living circumstances. If he doesn't pay £1600 within a few days all of us will have no where to stay. I currently lost my job at selfridges for walking off the shop floor in an emergency when at work because my grandad had an emergency operation for his cancer. This has left me with no way to help him pay the debt or the upcoming rent which will only make things worse. ive tried to get loans but i have really bad credit after occurring a ccj for a mobile phone that i did not take out when i was younger. I have recently been selling all my shoes and trainers which i had received whilst working at selfridges to get money for food, internet and phone bills, electric and gas bills, and my motor finance bill. In june of last year i took out a car on motor finance for £10,000 and have to make payments of £159 every month. by the end of this month i will not be able to afford any more payments and will most likely get the car taken from me and only make my credit worse. my insurance for the car is £121 a month which i wont be able to pay as of next month as food and rent will be priorities. I am now down to 3 pairs of shoes which i am can sell which i have posted on ebay to help. not long ago i bought a female kitten which i am now finding it hard to feed because of funds and i cant find anyone that is willing to take her off me. Because of all of these new housing laws and the price of housing in london it will be near enough impossible to get a 1 bedroom place if we lose this one.I have been desperately looking for a new job but unfortunately i have had no success. I never like to ask for help and at most only go to my parents for help, but when my parents can't help it comes a time when pride is not worth the loss of a home and all the other things close to me. My mom suffers from high blood pressure and lung problems and has been off sick at work for the last 2 months. Me my brother and my step dad have agreed to keep this away from her as it could do her worse damage which we dont want. All of this hasn't helped the situation and is stressing us all out. I am just asking for a fresh start and hope of being able to start clean. i have never asked to be rich but only to be able pay my way. Just want to know that my bills can be paid on time. I can provide any proof needed to prove my situation is real. I do not wish to inconvenience any one by asking for money but just a small portion of how much anyone may have will be a huge help.
Thank You for Your time
Yours Thankfully,
Michael Ferguson