Help needed for rent please.

Peachtree, UK

I am in desperate need of help with my rent. I was up to date and doing well until I did what I've always done and transferred money to my now ex's (and father to my child) account for him to pay our bills. A Day after I thought he had paid our bills, I came home to find his stuff gone. I then heard from my landlord to say that the rent was 2 months late. Not only was my rent late but also were my payments for gas, elec, water etc. Turns out he had taken my money that I had trusted he had paid, and run out on my son and I. To add insult to injury, I have since heard that he took my money to shack up with a 20 year old that he had been seeing behind my back for 6 months! Also, because I willingly transferred the money, I could not get it back. Lord knows how I tried! I have caught up as best as I can with what was left owing, but with Christmas (and not wanting to let my son down again!) I have completely run out of money. I am now left with barely enough to cover groceries. I now owe just over £500, but my landlord is getting impatient (understandably) and I now have nowhere left to turn. I'm just so worried about losing our home. If you can help (even if its 1p!) My son and I will be eternally grateful, and I will definitely email everyone to say thank you. As soon as I am back on my feet I will repay every penny by donating back to this page. Thank you for taking the time to read my beg.x