Help needed for a friend's funeral

Hi all We need help for our dear friend Becky who was murdered by her ex boyfriend 2 weeks ago. She has left behind adorable little 3 year old son. Her parents are heartbroken and are struggling to pay for the funeral and worried how they going to raise Becky's son because they are retired couple. We all gathered together and raised £1500 so far for the funeral costs we are also doing some fundraising soon to raise more money which we can give Becky's parents to help out for their grandson. But this is just the beginning we want to carry on and help out as long as we can but it's not an easy task so we all would be so grateful if everyone can help us doesn't matter how big or small amount every penny matters for that family so please please help us Thank you so much in advance Becky's friends and family xx paypal email or use the link below
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