Help my church

Bishop Sc, New Jerse

I am here today, inviting anyone to participate in donated any funds to help my church. I am establishing a new church bringing forth the True Gospel. My purpose is to get people aware that the Kingdom of God is at hand. We must be able to be obedient to the Commandments of God and must Know that Jesus Christ is Lord. When we are able to be obedient to the Commandments of God, and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, we will have the best opportunity to make it into the Kingdom of God. For the time is near, and we want to live according to the laws of God and His testimonies that we can receive Salvation. My church is not of my own but of God's children. Lord permitting, I am here also that I can help others in my place of worship that I am trying to establish. I am going to need the funds so that I can fully contribute my service full time and facilitate a network to help those who are needy and come back to Our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. I prefer private donations than that of grants. For God's people need not to be restricted of the help they can receive but to receive and worship God the Father through Jesus Christ in the manner of the True Gospel.