Help me to get out of debt

Injured i, London, U

Hello. I'm 22 years old and unemployed through no fault of my own. In December 2012, I had quite a nasty car crash and ended up really hurting my back. I lost my job and since then, I'm unable to find another one (apparently it looks really bad if you don't have work on your CV/Resume for 9/10 months!) I've decided, to try and help me get back into work, that I want to take a course in IT in January. However, this is going to cost me £720 (or $1145.74 if you're from the USA.) Being unemployed, it is almost impossible to raise this money and my family aren't in a financial position to help me either. I've already maxed out both my credit cards and my bank account is barely in the clear. I know this sounds a bit cliché, but every little does help and I would greatly appreciate any help that you can give. Thank you for taking the time to read this :)