Help me stay in school and to work towards my dreams and endeavors

VetTechSt, Californi

I am a current full-time student attending at Carrington College located in Pomona California. I am currently studying to become a Registered Veterinarian Technician and have maintained an overall GPA of 3.50. I joined this school and program so that I can gain the knowledge and experience that is required to start on a new career path and to obtain the line of work that I would enjoy most in life. I have a great passion and desire to work with both animals and people. I will strive to learn what is required through hands on experience and education so that I can be successful in my new career path. I know that I will make mistakes along the way and when I do, I promise to learn from those experiences and find ways to improve upon my skills so that I can become a superior medical caregiver. I am dedicated to learning from my college coursework, through the required clinical rotation experiences at various veterinary clinics and animal shelter as an internship position. I also volunteer at various non-profit organizations to gain hands on experience with animals and to provide support for people. I plan to continue volunteering at an animal shelter, and I will also look for other organization near my area to volunteer. Due to certain circumstances that are out of my control, it has been hard to survive day to day and not worry about whether I have a place to live and/or have food on the table. Due to my conflicting school hours and lack of experience, it has been very difficult in obtaining a job in the veterinarian field. My financial aid and student loan does not provide enough money for living costs, such as rent and nutritional needs. The money that I will raise will go towards my tuition and living expenses. With your donation it allows me to stay in school and to stay focused on gaining hands on experience through volunteering opportunities. I will continue to learn, improve my skills, and attempt to master them prior to graduation in July 2014 with an Associate’s Degree and Registered Veterinary Technician license.