Help me start a small business to buy for my son's needs

I am Karen Krista Kaiser, 20 years old, a single mom to a 1 year old son. I am currently unemployed since giving birth because no one would be left to take care of my son. I am living with my mom who is a retired teacher and earns only a meager amount from her pension which is not enough to buy for our foods and pay for oue bills. My son has been on milk formula because my breasts nipples are inverted and could not supply the milk he needs. When he turned 1 year, I switched his milk formula to a much cheaper one since I do not have the means to buy for his needs, clothes and toys. Since I am staying at home, I have thought of starting a small sari-sari store so that I would be able to earn a personal income, help my mom with bills and buy my son's needs with a money hard earned. If you would be kind, please send your donations to my paypal I promise to provide constant updates.