Help me change my life please!

Life chan, Rochester

hello everyone my name is richard. i found this website and thought i would try to post for some help. the past few years have been very difficult for me and last year was the worst. last year i broke my leg twice and had to have surgery. i had no insurance and was not eligible for medicaid. the surgery and after care was done by a private doctors office and i have major medical bills now. because i'm still healing i won't be able to work for awhile and my work background is in manual labor. on top of that i have a major amount of student loans and no income at all. lastly the i have to relocate . i currently live with my grandparent and she is ready to move into a senior living facility. all in all the money i'm asking for would help me pay off my medical and school bills also allow me to buy a used vehicle and help me afford a place to relocate to until i am able to work again. i know no one probably cares but if you could help me out that would be great .i know it's not the saddest story but it's a true one.