HELP!!! It isn’t over yet!!!

Smitten k, Milwaukee

Thank you to those responding to my cyberbegging pleas. I have not answered any sooner because of the amount of paperwork for the Ch.13 Bankruptcy proceedings; and also two months of “virus bug exhaustion”. And it isn’t over as yet. We finally chased the foreclosure wolves away by going through a Ch.13 Bankruptcy. That’s a Federal program. So now I am told I need cash money for court costs, lawyers fees, trustees fees, moderator’s fees, and more and more and more! The whole mess begins to total about $25,000.00!!! How in the world do they expect a bankrupt person to come up with that kind of money!!! As I have explained before, I am an older disabled widow (left club foot and leg, with no cartilage knees). My husband of 21 years died unexpectedly some 3 years ago. The household income was cut 3/4ths at his death. He was a disabled Vietnam era vet of 10 Army years. We purchased this house about 2 years before he died with his VA mortgage, never thinking his PTSD would take such a sudden turn for the worse. He died of “non-combat causes” 20 days before his 100% disability would have been 10 years. Therefore I have been told I do not receive a widow’s VA pension. This matter has still not been resolved, as I am appealing their wrong information. These last three years I have been trying to get a mortgage modification, and keep our house from foreclosure. However, due to a string of very odd, disturbing, and harshly negative circumstances, including this “no” “yes” “no” four time roller coaster of foreclosure from that mortgage bank, I seriously panicked and my Panic Attack Anxiety Disorder (PAAD) syndrome has gotten very much worse. To top all this off, on October 13, 2013 we had a kitchen fire at the electric stove; the kitchen was toast!! No one was injured. The contractors finally finished in June, 2014. As soon as the last insurance check was cashed, the mortgage bank, which had put me on a “probable” loan modification program, started up this foreclosure medley again. And again, I heard this from a third party. Nothing formal in writing. I have also taken in two lady friends as roommates, a mother who had her work hours cut down from 30h to 15h, and also her adult daughter, who has been having serious job problems in this economy, and who has two small girls, 10 years old, and 2 years old. They also have no other safe place to go. So we are all scraping in this present predicament. I cannot work a job where others are dependent on me for deadlines, etc. My focus has become extremely iffy because of this depression and the pain in my legs. Also, if I had any money to pay so i could receive money from someone I wouldn’t be cyberbegging. That’s why I’m asking for a grant-in-aid. This is an unusual situation. I am praying I can keep this house going, and that I can continue work on the episodic fantasy I have begun, and which has been praised by other published authors. That’s why any amount you can see fit to give me would be greatly appreciated. Because of all that has happened, not of my doing, I have become very leery about giving any information about myself to anyone I don’t know. That is why I have PayPal and WePay and GoBank accounts; these can receive donations without you having these accounts, all you need is my e=mail. --->*If you really need further information about me, please e=mail with a phone number where I can reach you at, and what hours are best to call; I’m CST. Also, I voicemail screen my calls, and do not have a cell.*<--- Thank you for your understanding in this matter. What I am asking for {{??begging in desperation??!!!}} are two kinds of help. First: I need any amount of money from any amount of people so I can pay bankruptcy fees now up to about $25,000.00 and finish clearing this mess up. Any donation would help this mountain of a mess move along. It’s a VA loan, and the VA hasn’t even given me any help or information. So I’m looking for “angels” [in the Broadway sense] who would gift me any amount of money so I could pay off these bankruptcy fees. Or, if possible, put me in touch with someone or someplace or some organization that could help. Secondly: Prayer that I will be able to continue keeping my house, and will be able to quickly find the money to pay these court mandated fees. I really believe God has put me here for a reason, but this financial situation is a mountain that has to be moved. And I also believe the devil does not want me to be here. So I look for inspiration: Luke,11:9;---And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Thank you for reading this, and offering to donate at least something towards these $25,000.00 mandated Ch.13 Bankruptcy fees so I may continue to keep our house. >^..^< -----g