Help get my life together

Ineedvet, Georgia

Hello, my name is Nadia. I am an army veteran and I am currently being jerked around by not only the VA but the army as well. I am categorized as a official veteran though due to some exclusive work on behalf of my master sergeant of my releasing unit I am only receiving medical benefits. I have a dog that is entitled to be a service dog and also have paperwork for him to be my emotional support animal I need help with getting the funding to protect his rights with us service animal registry which cost $175 not to include any taxes. Though the VA acknowledges my medical issues due to that Master Sergeant they refuse to acknowledge the time period of where it’s service-connected. The master sergeant built up paperwork on me to force me out of the military because I was going up the chain of command trying to inform them of the sexual harassment going on within the unit caused by the very master sergeant that forced me out. Despite having letters of recommendation from not only the major as well from the lieutenant colonel of Fort McPherson before it closed stating that I should have been released General under honorable conditions, the lieutenant colonel also made a personal statement saying that I perform my duties well and honorably, due to all the extra efforts on the behalf of my master sergeant I have yet to be able to get the VA to turn over the original decision which was made an error to begin with. Another reason I am asking for donations is because my emotional support animal has a lump in his throat and I need to get him to a veterinarian as soon as I can . I thought for a while it was a bug bite because he was scratching but as time went by it’s just enlarged more and more and the scratching stopped I examined it while it was smaller and never found a puncture to where it was a bite so I’m really worried about him and I really need to take care of him so that he can help me . My medical health is not well, I have several mental health issues on top of physical health issues, I am happy about my medical assistance from VA though I still need transportation to specialist appointments so I also need a vehicle a good reliable vehicle that’s also why I am requesting donations. Also my medical issues are the cause of my unemployment. I recently also went through some extensive trauma with the VA and it seems as though currently despite circumstances they are trying to brush it under the rug, which is causing so much more just stress on my life than what is already going on due to their failure to support me correctly as a disabled veteran. I am open to answering any questions so please feel free to ask. I have a PayPal where you can send donations to. The email to it is I am appreciative of any and all donations and I will keep up kind of a journal thanking everyone for all of their kindness and letting you know how you have helped me in my quest to being the best me I can be now that I am out of the military and seeing as to how the military does not want to help me despite that I did my job well and honorably as a human resources specialist for the Army of the United States. Much love,appreciation,&Peace. Nadia