Help a young family reunite and stay together

Leo, Bradford

We are a young family and we urgently need your help. We come from different parts of the world and to make long story short we are now where we can't afford to see one another and stay together. We've spent all we could earn on my wife's residence application in my country because there are no jobs for me back in her home country. I am a simple person and don't make much, bureaucrats and lawyers have ripped us of all our savings and we even got ourselves in dept while fighting for our future. This month we've received a positive decision and now, after all the struggle is behind, she is allowed to come and live with me but sadly, I cannot afford to even buy her the ticket. All we dream about is being together and we know we will overcome. Every dollar counts and I registered a paypal account. You could also get in touch with me and make friends, skype me on ruselgo888. We have nothing to hide. We need your help and we need friends.