Help a cancer patient pay for her last semester of college

Help a ca, Clark Cou

My best friend was recently diagnosed with cancer. I'm one of the few people who knows -- her own family (who recently disowned her after she broke up with a fiance they liked) doesn't even know what's going on. This friend had a panic attack after realizing that she can't afford her final semester of college this August due to medical bills and unexpected car repairs. She can't even get student loans, since her family refuses to give her the information she needs to fill out her FAFSA. My friend's been struggling with psychological issues for years due to a traumatic childhood, and to see her dreams of graduating fall apart due to money issues was too much to bear. So I told her I'd pay for her last semester, in full. Looking at my finances, I will be able to pay for most of it if I really watch my budget, pack a lunch to work, avoid driving anywhere I don't need to, and donate plasma to the local blood bank. But even with doing that, I'll come up about $500 or $600 short. If you can donate and help out, I'd be forever grateful for you helping her dreams come true. If you can't donate, have any ideas on how someone living in the Clark County, Nevada area could make some money over the weekends, let me know in the comments.