Heavily pregnant & recently widowed

Heavily p, England

I am completely new to this and see it as a last resort to ask for help from some extremely kind, generous people out there. I am 8 months pregnant and 11 weeks ago my beautiful husband was killed when he was hit by a drunk driver. I am beyond grief-stricken, both for the loss of the most amazing man in the world but also in the knowledge that he will never meet his Daughter (we found out the baby’s sex a week before he died). When he was hit, he was carrying a bag containing a newborn pink outfit and a rattle he had brought for her that day. Whilst all I want to do is grieve for my husband, I am plagued by the constant worry of how I will afford to bring my little girl up and manage on my own (neither of us have any family, we only had each other), and how to even give her the essentials she so desperately needs for when she arrives. We were struggling a bit financially before the accident but now I am at a complete loss without my Husband’s wages as I had to give up my job early on in pregnancy due to high risk complications (we had a previous little boy Ethan who was stillborn). This is why I feel I have lost everything in the world, and our beautiful little girl is the only light at the end of a very long and very dark tunnel. I am determined to do my absolute best for her and bring her up as we had planned to do together but I cannot stop worrying about how to even afford the rent, food, baby clothes etc. and alongside the grief, my life feels so completely overwhelming that I just don’t know what t do anymore or where to turn. This is a genuine cry for help, hoping that the goodwill of strangers will prevail to help someone in a desperate situation. I would be eternally grateful for any donation, however small to help ease some of the practical and financial worries I am facing. Thank you so much.