Health to Debt. Help return my dignity.

I am living in India with my retired dad in our very small house. My mother passed away in 2005. My father was an oil mill worker and earned low wages. After his retirement I took the responsibility to earn the food. In August, 2016 my father was diagnosed with coronary artery blockage one with 99% and another with 90%. Doctor told to operate and do CABG surgery. They gave a package of 175,000 Indian rupees which is roughly little less that 3000 usd. Another 25,000 INR (approx 400 usd) was estimated for other costs in the hospital. Operation was done successfully on September, 2016 but the day after operation my father got an infection in chest where they stitched the surface of skin and they have to cut it open again to fix it. The infection stayed for another 6 days and that stay and medication was not included in the package. For that they gave us a bill of 545,000 INR (approx 8500 usd). I managed to arrange 300,000 INR (approx 5000 usd) in my own with whatever cash I had and the rest selling every last bit of my mother’s jewelry. The due amount was 245,000 INR (approx 3500 usd). I went to almost every bank but they said I am not qualified to get a loan. Then I have to turn to a local money lender who gave me the due amount with condition to charge me 5% per month for the amount. Sir, I work in a private company earning 12000 INR which I roughly 200 usd. Soon that 5% burden became too heavy and the base loan amount went up. The money lender is now coming in my home and threatening me for his money. My dignity is totally lost, so is my family’s. Sir, we are poor but live a modest and honest life. This is hurting the most. The net debt is 260,000 INR (approx 4000 usd) now. So, I am pleading to all to help me out in this situation and let me live a modest life. Sir, I am not married and I only do care for my aged father to look after him as long as he is alive.