Have to pay loanshark another $900

Lovingdad, Indonesia

I was hospitalized for 2 months and as a farmer many of my crop was destroyed because nobody look after it and the land i used for farming i lease for 3 years. During my time in the hospital, my loving wife had to borrow from loan-shark to pay my hospital bills and our children need. I didn't know this. I thought she had been borrowing money from her relatives. She borrowed $800 and now the loan has accumulated to $1400. I have try to beg to the loan-shark for extensions but they seem heartless and demanded it be paid within 20 days from now and now i left 18 days before the deadline. I have sold my only motorbike for $300 and few other things. I have succeeded to collect around 500 now. i need to find another $900 to pay the loan-shark. I know terrible thing could happen to my wife and me. I really love my family. Please help me and my family. I like to thanks Joe the NZ tourist who wrote this for me in English and also to ebeggars.com