Have no money, running out of food and desperate.

Darkshine, England

I know there are stories of illness and heartache which you may deem more worthy for your donations and they probably are however, i have to try this because at the moment i cannot see any way out of this. I'm over my overdraft limit, my credit cards are maxed, i have borrowed from all of my friends and not been able to pay them back fully, i also asked my mum who has also got no money and she did give me some food. (eggs and a banana) I work in a shop and i have always worked, i get no benefits from the government, i was doing fine with my money but to cut a long story short, i have been paying for myself and my partner (and three cats and 3 rabbits) for over a year (on £650 a month) steadily getting further in debt. Now we have no money, and in 3 weeks when i do get payed, after my bills come out i will be in exactly the same position. Work will not give me any extra hours and i cannot afford to buy any stock for my business so that has been slowly dwindling and i can't send what i have sold, I am unsure how to progress. We would be greatful for any donations however small. They will be spent on food. Thank you for taking the time to read this.