Guys, someone anyone! Please help!

Hannah, Barnsley

OK so here goes...never ever thought i would be doing anything like this but as a lot of families at the minute we are desperate. The past couple of years have been pretty tough on our family – myself and my husband both lost our dads within a year of each other, which in itself was hard enough – not only dealing with the loss of our dads, but also having to be there emotionally, physically and financially for our mums. My mum was recently taking ill (don’t really want to talk about this) as it is very emotional but she is slowly getting better. As a result of this I had to give up work to look after her – I am currently looking for another job but I am finding it very difficult to find anything. My husband works full time to support us but it is just not enough for us to get by – we are struggling with our mortgage payments and I am petrified that we will lose our house – I just don’t know what we would do!!!! We have no one we can turn to – our families aren’t in the position where they can help us, so we cant ask for help and we don’t want our mums to worry as we feel they have been through enough. We are just at a loss for what to do. We are both hardworking people who have never depended on the system and don’t want to have to rely on the government – we just need a little help to get us through this rough patch. We are staying positive and hoping our luck will finally change – we want the best for our young son and at the moment we feel like we are letting him down despite us trying our hardest to turn things aroung. If anyone at all can help us we would be eternally grateful – we are not asking for a lot and as we’re finding every penny counts. Please help us through this desperate time in our lives, Thanks, Hannah.