Great Opportunity,need the funds

Free Spir, Georgia

I'm a quirky passionate theatre student. The arts are a major part of my life but not my only interest. Traveling is a huge love of mine. I like the "roughing it" style of trying to ditch the frills and experience each place as organically as possible. I'm extremely frugal and really treasure moments above materialistic possessions. This summer i have the amazing opportunity to go to Europe and stay with friends in Italy and Scotland. This is a dream come true as i am eventually considering relocating to Europe. This opportunity is fantastic for me to network and start putting roots down in the arts communities abroad. Though i don't have to worry about housing costs, i do have to pay for plane tickets, and daily cost of living. This puts me in a pickle seeing as i won't be bringing in an revenue while away. I have about half the amount saved that i estimate i'll need for my adventure and am continuing to work and save. I'm an honest, loving, free-spirited girl who believes in smelling the roses of life and taking opportunities when they are given to you. I will never lie to get ahead. Realize this request may seem extremely self-serving but it comes from an honest wish to peruse my dreams. Anything given is beyond appreciated, if not thank you for taking the time to read my story. Peace :)