On August 8, 2014 I lease purchase a home a beautiful home that was perfectly designed for myself and my 2 grandchildren, didn't want my grandchildren to experience anymore hardship after losing their mom on May 4,2014 but threw all my prayers on October 9,2014 I got a knock at the door by the sheriff department serving an eviction notice, I was floored, after some research I was informed that the home that I had lease purchased from whom I thought was the owner was a scammer, at 57 years old I was so sad and felt so violated I was out of 3 months rent and $8000 down payment totaling $15.550. A week later I just put our whole life in a storage center and moved myself and grandchildren to a hotel until our apartment was ready for move-in, the apartment manager ran into a few problems with move-in dates and our stay at the hotel was longer than I was financially prepared for. We finally moved in on November 18, 2014. Sadly I have to be on this site but I can't afford the December rent and I'm so worried and afraid for my grandchildren, can't understand the hearts and souls of people that they would just come into your life and cause such pain and sorrow. Now the rent with late fees added is $1307.15 and my storage fees are $413.oo I wasn't able to move furniture in yet. I'm  a business owner I have a construction agency and this time of the year isn't very profitable, business is slow until February but if someone could just help me get threw this month I will repay my debt.