Glaucoma killing my brothers eyes

Please he, Greensbor

Please help, my brother needs an eye surgery due to Glaucoma, already lost the left one, and also partial vision on the right one, I live here in Greensboro, but He lives in Nicaragua, the surgery overthere is not as expensive as here in the US, it only cost between $900 to $1,500, rght now due to I'm unemployed I cannot provide any suupport, therefore any help would be really appreciated, God bless you. P.S THIS IS NOT A SCAM I GOT HIS MEDCIAL RECORDS. AGAIN GOD BLESS YOU. DOCTOR SAYS, THE SURGERY IS TO RELIEVE PRESSURE ON HIS EYE, SINCE THE EYE DROPS DOES NOT WORK WELL ANYMORE SINCE THE SEVERITY OF THE GLAUCOMA. AGAIN GOD BLESS YOU ALL!