Get Back On My Feet After

BrokenPoe, Montreal

I have experienced a decade of continuous tragedy, which drained my life essence to the point of suicide. I never asked for help, as I feared I would waste the kindness of others, enabling people to use my self-destruction to harden their hearts against helping those that would actually try. I have spent two years redefining my focus and now seek help to get on my feet so I might be able to return to gainful employment and stable living standards. I have lived below the poverty line, so long, and need to gain lodging, medical treatment for a very painful case of hepititus, Dental treatment, corrective vision assistance and my own computer to use in re-educating myself. I am forty, sober, polite, gifted with several talents, mostly in Artistic Expression. I have experienced great Abuse as a child, which helped disrupt my previous career, as an educator. I was in a brutal car wreck, causing both chronic severe back pain, and an addiction to painkillers. I have battled my demons and wish to get on my feet to try to use my talents to inspire others to never give up on the majesty of Life and the hope that enables joy.