General lack of finances

Dear Univ, Misery

As I sit here in tears looking back at the last 18 years, I know that I have made so many mistakes. All I have learned from, all I have taken. I have given my best out with no hopes for the return. I have given with heart I have given with soul, I have given my best for others to behold. I am a simple person and lead a simple life, with only the necessities and nothing really nice. I make sure my children do not go without. I make sure others have a place to go when they need to take flight. I have given my shirt off of my back, I have given my last bite of food and can no longer fight. I see my children smile and pray for a better life. I see my children laugh and know I have to fight. I am tired of fighting I am tired of the pain I pray that the Lord will make it go away I cant pay the bills As they grow and surmount Each day brings a new joy Each day brings its own amount Dear world Dear universe cant you see I am on my knees with tears in my eyes as I beg you please..... I cant take anymore so please help me see a light in the tunnel a light on my path kind words of wisdom not a sassy mouth. A kind word, a simple request is all that I ask before I take my rest. Watch over my children and let them see Momma tries her best and just wants to please.