General lack of finances

Humor, Misery

Ok so I have posted here before and never got any responses other than those telling me that for a mere 90.00 they would send me 300.00. Lmao was all I could think... if I had 90.00 I wouldnt be needing the 300 now would I. Ok so here is the latest scandal. Dont laugh to hard because actually it is funny yet not funny while you are living it every day. Graduation came and went my oldest finally flew the nest. This caused many tears and mean hurtful things to be said. But either way she is gone and I am sitting here still in tears over it. (Years ago I begged for this day) My youngest daughter (a twin of course) every two weeks wakes up at 4 in the morning puking. All over the newly cleaned shampooed carpet in her room. I say this because I shampoo it every time she pukes. I cant stand puke... yuk.. So we call the doctor after this has been going on for about two months. She tells us to take her off of all milk products. Now you try telling an eight year old that she cant have milk. We do this and it has been a month and what do you know NO... VOMIT... yeah..... so we try and figure out what we can give her instead of cows milk... after much research it looks like goats milk is going to be the winner. So I am begging for money so that I may buy three Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats. Two females and One male. They average about 300.00 a piece. O did I mention that I also need fencing for these little monsters to be held in so another 600.00 for fencing....I do all of our family finances... So I started looking at how I can pay for these I can spare 17.00 a month out of our budget... That means that my daughters and I will go without haircuts (I figure one in a month so that every month someone can get their hair done.) at 17.00 a month in a mere 18 months I can own one goat... In a mere 89 months..or a short 7 and half years I can own three goats and a stinking fence. LOL... now how lame is that.... I am soooooo screwed....So donate large amounts donate often and know that the money is going towards some facinating young goats or their fencing.