General Debt help out of tight spot

What a di, UK

I'm a 41 year old guy that's worked all his life, I admit in the past I didn't really save very well and the result is that now I'm in a very tight situation financially, in fact let's call it how it is, I've hit my financial brick wall. I work for myself as a self employed IT consultant and trainer. However in this last year my mother became very ill and I've needed to spend more time looking after than I have in all honesty done working on my business. The result is that I now have a key debt coming due, basically the finance on my vehicle that allows me to get about and work, and helps me get my mother to medical appointments etc. I don't want to clear the whole debt off, something I've seen many others on websites like this ask for, but I would like some help to scrape by this next month by helping me bring the payments up to date. I'm sure I'll be able to bring myself back to financial health soon if I can just get by this time. I am a caring individual and I do put others needs before myself, always willing to help out others when they are in need, this time I am hoping for a bit of karmic return to help me out in my current difficulties. Thanks for listening.